River Of Stars (dedicated to Arro, Fiona, Aloha) - Real music for meditation.

River Of Stars by Adrian Freedman

I love it when a song helps me breath and calm and here is one just song. 

Well, it is more of a voyage than a song, it´s a voyage that you play and never wish to stop, there is no need to put it down, as you barely need to pick it up. The piece moves effortlessly over you, washing and drifting helping you breath, there is no weight.  

In times when more and more we find intensity on every corner 

It is a blessing to have a song which helps us ease into a place of serenity. If indeed you wish to give yourself 22min. of total peace. Take the time to play this. 

The song is part of the Kindres Souls playlist. You can find more of this music on Adrians Shakuhaci and website.


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