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Errors - Pegasus [from the New Relics VHS] - Nice!

Brazilian Girls - Losing Myself, yes, I have!!!

Dagobert "Dagobert" REMASTERED (LP Medley) Dominance Electricity 1997 / ...

Project Pitchfork - Souls - My mate Erick just put this up on his FB profile, good reminder

YAO Dajuin-Satisfaction of Oscillation 震盪的滿足 - Quite something else...

Phenomenal People - Melanie Pappenheim - Amazing...

PHOTEK - AGE OF EMPIRES, Dont know how I´d never heard thie till today!

Burgundy Blood got the Bacon! Mcr MassivE!

Cults Percussion Ensemble - Surrey With the Fringe On the Top delightfully happy and twee!

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Night Of The Lotus Eaters

Sisyphus - Feeling overworked, well more to come!

The New Folk Sound of Terry Callier -Cotton Eyed Joe - So, so good, blows me away!!