Who is Jansky Noise?

Since 1996 Jansky Noise has been one of the alter egos of Andy Macgregor. During his early years as a musician on his home created record label V/Vm Test Records, Macgregor co-created  V/Vm, and V/Vm Test Records. He has also perfomed under the alias as Burns, Animal, Animal Macgregor, Professor Broxburn, Alien Porno Midgets, Host and Mack Apollo.

From breakdance through Balearic to Noise and back

Macgregor from the age of 13 was participating in the local Break Dance Scene in Manchester, battling in local crews and listening to a very broad mix of musics from Motown to New Beat, thanks to his father Acid Alan.

After his initial exposure to music

At a tender age he started to explore and experiment as a DJ, spinning electro, techno, pop and Acid House, Macgregor found himself deep between Detroit Music and New Beat from Belgium.

Record Stores in Manchester

As a regular he would shop at Easter Block Records, and Vinyl Exchange and along the way he would be influenced by the Madchester scene and local Musicians 808 State.  As the Techno scene exploded and morphed into Rave Macgregor found himself submerged in Manchester nightclub scene, where he became a DJ at the the long closed Limit  Night Club Manchester UK.


In 1993 Vostok were formed with James Kirby and Scott Hallam, they made several detroit influenced techno recordings, however none were released and the project morphed into Macgregor and Kirby forming the record label V/Vm Test Record Label. The label forged from the carcass of Detroit Techno, UK POP, and was a forced to be reckoned with. The label gave rise to a very Northern twist of electronic music and experimentation that paved the way for many after.

Illegal Broadcast Radio (IBC Manchester) - Pirate Radio Manchester

At the age of 20 Macgregor along with James Kirby and Scott Hallam (DJ Rhythm) the trio took over the illegal Broadcast Company IBC radio, previously hosted by Autechre. Macgregor as DJ Jiffy, Kirby and Hallam replaced Autechre, making weekly shows on IBC radio.

In the ealry days at the birth of p2p

As V/Vm was gaining velocity so was the internet, and Macgregor was quick to adapt. in 1998 with friends from the Lucky Kitchen Label USA Macgregor was exchancing files, and testing transfers for a new platform that would arise Napster. The birth of file swapping and pioneering peer-to-peer file sharing was about to grow Macgregor noticed that there was a potentially massive way to get corrupted and remixed files of popular artists on the drives of other people sharing. Many works from V/Vm stable and other digital audio hacks, we wrongly labeled and repoistioned for those sharing via Napster and a massive spreading of V/Vm files occured.

Not just music - ACPI - AudioMulch Software Release

In 1999, Macgregor and DJ Speedranch released a CD album was made titled : Advanced Configuration With Power Interface : The album was a first of its kind giving access to music and power electronics, but also providing the user with free software including the Audiomulch Software.  Audiomulch was later found and used by by Shitmatt, Fourtet and Nine Inch Nails.

At V/Vm Test Records hundreds of recordings were made

From 1997 till 2008 Macgregor relased his musics on hundreds records via the Manchester based V/Vm Test Records.  

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