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Clubs, Gallerys and Bars, where Jansky Noise has performed.


Unsound Festival - Krakov, Poland.


La Casa Encendida

La Casa Encendida - Madrid

In 2007 Macgregor and Kirby contribution to the Noise and Silence exhibition curated and arranged by Alberto Flores, the exhibition was set-up within the world renown creative gallery La Casa Encendida, in the capital of Madrid.  The exhibitions full title "Ruidos y Silencio y la Transgresion Mordaz" - with its aim to demonstrate connections between Fluxus and certain recent musical movements. Fluxus is understood as and anti-artistic group which had a musical background and was connected to music. The main features of recent musical movements that share with Fluxus were as follows:


- the interest in NOISE

- the interest in SILENCE

- the exhibition is also focused in the idea of SENSE OF HUMOR


The exhibition opened for 20th JUNE 2007, and was on display for 3 months. Download the PDF here.

Primavera Sound, Barcelona.

Benicassim Festival,

National History Musem Gardens

Batofar - Paris 2002-2005 (regular shows)

LoveBytes - Festival - Sheffield Sept. 2003

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