YALI YALI (Todd Terje Edit)

Apparently the words of this song address the people of turkey stating the following : "..not all that is rough, loud, brutal and strict is cool.." and the song refers to the leader of Turkey at the time. So, 'yali yali' means something like ' clear off (erdogan)' it's also a call up for everyone to use their mind and mind their heart!!

I am just loving the loop, I wanted this records to be made in the 1970's and just realized it was! Actually 1977. However the Norwegian DJ and producer Todd Terje, which drew my eye as would Todd Terry has been meddling here, making this into a Nu-disco, Synthwave Acid ride. I am hearing so much KLF hook in that guitar loop. Love it. Neşe Karaböcek ‎– and Todd made doing great work here. Thanks.

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