Ryan Paris - La Dolce Vita (Dolce Modificare) TOTP 1983

I feel like I can step inside this modified version. The audio is so close, I am at home, it´s the weekend, sun is shining in the window, and Ryan is bathing me as he always did, with the best in 80´s audio, I am splashed with sunshine. 

Listening to Ryan Paris is like digging out my old Lamborghini Countach.

 It sounds so fresh and at the same time absolutely 80´s retro bright, Ryan like the car a best friend, and one that has shared so many emotional moments and times. Beam some sunshine into your heart by employing Ryan Paris and this super version. A classic ride. Thanks for the tip James. 

We're walking like in a Dolce Vita This time we've got it right We're living like in a Dolce ...

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