Fragments of our past!

My friend from school and a friend for life Steven Fullerton, just posted this image up on his Facebook account.

Without any doubt we were the Scottish Court at the time, the bards, boundless, and without fear.

Steve being in the year above me, one whole year older, at that time it was so much. Steven considered me with some respect, yet never truely mentioned it, as a true Glaswegian kid,  nada, spoken. Everything, and any grain of love, would not be spoken, just expressed through gestures, that linger on today. 

Back then, in 1990 ish,  each one of us commanded a size-able amount of terrain that respect was mutual, who had more than the other, impossible to say.

In our blood all we knew was that we were outsiders, blood from outside living in Manchester, born in Manchester, but we might as well have not been, yet at the same time we were landowners, that is, we owned territory, not the kind you grow vegetables or fruit on, I am talking about an invisible one.

The two of us born of Scottish parents in South Manchester, orchestrating respect within the local smoke, fuzz and Hulme. 

Looking back at least 22 years, looking at my face and my expression, I see that I am so much like my Nana Woods, My eyes, eyebrows, nose, forehead, muscle, skin. At that time, I would have been ever so polite, and reserved, until you got to know me. Steve would have been a littl more upfront, saying things as they are,  but not with malice.  

Steve would be a little more fiery and i'd be the bold. Courageous, still are, arrgh!!!

As for our social side, we had a big connection, we could be 'chatty' as Scots could be, but our agenda for the chat would be very different, especially with girl. Speaking of girls, we would have been engaged at the time, however, the pair of us would have been flat, and immature, with our emotion, sin duda!!!
Thanks to the lack of education from both of our fathers.

It's funny to see myself smoking here, and reading. Scots especially love music, dancing, story-telling and literature and today here I am in Madrid, my dance class just finished, Ive years of music, and publishing behind me.........

I could dedicate so many songs to this moment, Slam or 3 Phase Feat Dr Motte on NovaMute. All of which I would imagine we would have been exposed too, but for this photo my dedication goes up in smoke and literature, and so I dedicate Mundo Muzique to this photo, a moment of no malice, a moment shared, a mutual moment, chilling, sharing, living, breathing, at Steve's place., We were so innocent, and with so much potential, a pair of stars hopping too Andromeda......

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