Richie Hawtin drops a MINUS classic you've probably never heard before!!

It´s great to see Richie Hawtin play a big hands in the air cheesy classic.

Just look at Richies face here, he is loving it. We believe as many do, that he is showing his true color here. In a recent interview Richie Hawtin talked about how he finally wanted to take a big risk and that after being a techno producer it was time to play some of his favourite tracks and show the world what he listens too at home.

Barbie Girl and Richie Hawtin go together like strawberrys and cream. Mixmag said they have never seen Richie Hawtin look so happy when he dropped a record, and looking at his reaction above, it seems clear that he was having the time of his life.

The 90´s Boiler Room boys, really done a great job of capturing this epic dance floor moment, we hope this goes down in history. You can watch more DJ´s doing the same and following Richie Hawtins new method breaking cheesy 90´s anthems on the official 90´s Boiler Room Youtube page. Just follow the link above.

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