Friends of Dean Martinez - Wichita Lineman - Summer is here!!!

Amazingly we have snow on the Sierra, it really has been quite the longest Spring I recall, a glorious Spring lacking in work, but full of flower. So much dance too, and now it really is Summer Time, and it feels like my time to ride off into the Sunset as ever. First Alcazaba for 4 weeks, its just the highest mountain village in Spain, very little signal that side, but plenty of entertainment. Later Vitoria-Gasteiz, for a feed and monster descanso, 3 weeks of Fishing, camping frolic. Afterwards, a short skip and hop to England, old London Town, Manchester, topped off with a postre of Canada and San Francisco, ARRRRGh, dancing and Swinging for sure. More than a mouthful that lot, so to settle it all down, I am getting on well with this super chill version of Wichita Lineman. The Friends of Dean Martinez, are a friend of mine...See you on top of a mountain or just Swinging under the Golden Gate Bridge, on the Summer Breeze, yes please. ARRRRGH!!!

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