Shockingly bad service from blogger

Over the last 12 months, I have attempted to complain about the shocking, impoverish and slow Blogger back end user interface. Writing to Google Blogger about the poor service has just gotten worse and over the years, as the whole thing takes a massive back step to become more robotic, automatic and reliant on ´you´, yourself to fix all. 

The new blogger templates are riddled with problems, which as a beta you would expect to find, but since those new templates have been live for more than 12 months and it still comes with masses of glitch and error, I´d stay clear, unless you like that kind of thing. Even the original Google blogging templates and back end really do help you waste a mass of valuable time. 

I don't know about you, but don't you just love it when you try to add a link from a Youtube video into a blogger template and site? On the surface, this seems to be the most simple of act, yet. when you click that share button, select where you want to share it, dare you try to share on a Google Blog. I am telling you, its not going to be easy, you can lose a good 20min of your time doing, this. Surely, this is excessive, no?

I expect that the Google Blogger button comes well after the Facebook and Twitter buttons as it probably never works or maybe it will but after 20min. Its incredible to think that after so long, and so many users, Google Blogger still have not ironed out this little erroneous click. Leads one to believe that these company's just want us to spend time losing, time attempting to do something, but  not actually doing it! A kind of deliberate slowing of productivity. Certainly it´s NOT working for me...However, do give it a try, get yourself a Google Blog, if you want to waste time, and if you want to lose time even better, as it doesn't seem to be a priority for Google to fix it........

Mind you, Google have other fish to fry these days, tracking and ramming marketing spiders and data about every keystroke, creeping into every open click and crack. Use Google Blogger if you want massive lags, drops of service and the lack of speedy linkage to any videos online. Trust me, your onto a big loss of time with Blogger. My advice is to shop around, Sweet dreams.


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