Leyland Kirby - Live For The Future, Long For The Past

It´s more than fair to say, that I am as close to my good friend James Leyland Kirby as anyone can be. Ï am, was and will be, the main co-pig, pie-alot in his life. Without doubt and regardless of what the documentation states - when it comes to musical origin or journey we have shared many and most from birth and beyond. This song, voyage, statement made by Leyland titled - Live for the future, long for the past, is understated. James has without doubt raised the ´´anti´´, and with all due respect received much acclaim for his recent Caretaker and Leyland works. This artifact has somehow has sadly slipped under the radar. Honestly, do not let it pass! It´s defiantly worth playing it again. When you do admire the essence of electricity, this is a true ´´Goliath´´, a timeless and monumental slab of electronics, close to it´s birth place, as crude in origin, but beautiful in form.  ARRGH x

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