Jansky Noise - Escaping Earth (Alpha Centauri Orbit Edit)

We were recently bombarded by a massive Solar Storm, one of the strongest in many years. As a result many amazing times lapse films have been released recording the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights in splendor. The footage here, is from Nasa, it was recorded before these recent Solar Storms, during this Nasa footage we can enjoy time lapsed magnificence of the Aurora Borealis and much more! The Music on the original version of this film was light years away from this re-score which comes charged (I think), with a magnitude and illumination, much more appropriate for orbiting in space.

My edit as you hear here, typically picked up some radioactive particles and interference. Look, listen and imagine yourself, when our beautiful planet is exhausted escaping to another planet like Alpha Centauri! More wonder soon, JN.

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