I have to thank the brilliant, team, brains and artists behind this wonderful little series of songs and videos. It seems like this batch posted by a yet to be confirmed group or artist, is doing very well and arousing zones which have not been tickled for sometime. I have to admit, the viral marketing and lack of info tactic, coupled with brilliant visuals, production songs and a mystery woman, really help push this to another level and polish it off, elevating it, beyond trees and up to the stars. Rumors are circulating that these videos posted on Youtube by - iamamiwhoami or rather I am? Am I? Who am I? Are coming from a certain Joanna Lee from Linköping Sweden. Sooner or later the mystery lady, Joanna or not, should come clean. In the meantime everyone wants to know Who am I? I suspect some serious planning, record label and producers are working here, but I hope it´s a duo or small team of brilliant minds making it, and not the other. What ever the outcome, they have done a marvelous job sofar. Hat´s off to you! Check the Youtube links and while watching with your friends, you can play guess who! Black cats and a mystical wondrous world, love ya, love it, nice job.X

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