11/11/11 Full Moon & Slow Order

Exactly one month ago today, I started work and put hands to the musical voyage - 'Slow Order'.

The drive behind the album(s) V1. & V2. was a personal one. A flash moment and breakage in life which compelled me to move. Motivated by how twisted reality can get, I went onto create. Many a sleepless night has passed between, finally both versions are ready. Now I can rest, as the two albums V1. & V2. and their dripping, textures roll out within a strange lost odyssey.

Both versions walk translucently into the darkness, at the end of the end...Your walking bold at times, while at others the whole things folds back on itself like a jellyfish. It's painful in it´s discovery and reform, lost, without direction, but not long after that your made to ask. Am I glued to the underbelly of this time-frame? What´s holding this together? Where is the safety net? I hope not all is shattered here. Actually during some moments you rise high, up to vice and virtue and glide into the dripping cloud above the mirrored walls. Come listen and question. Your still alive, and overall the sound is still somehow breathing, pulsing, sweeping swaying, all in sea-time.

The base of all the audio stems from a classic 80's Manchester hit from New Order, blended with several classical masters including Wolfgang Amadeus. Listen to V1, and expect it to lose you, feel that sense of nothing to hold, feel it collide and melt. When you listen to V2, expect, more, more visions, friends, breakage, loss, discovery, romance, rupture and surprise on the back lashing path - that is the beginning of the end.

Coin it as 'Old Romance'.

V1 out today on Digital Vomit USA.
V2 out today on El Perro Rojo Records UK.

The voyage strikes a chord for you!


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