I Am In Love - Cole Porter Sings (Should I order cyanide or Champagne?)

I have lived in Spain for 15 years, during all of my time here I have been surrounded and submerged  in and by music, tonight a certain Tomaso Douglas  played the best song anybody has ever played whilst I have lived and listened to pre-recorded music in Spain. 

Which DJ plays Cole Porter in Madrid?

Now a day, who does that? Nobody plays Cole Porter, it´s not fair, well it´s not fair to say "nobody plays him", as they clearly do,  that somebody was Tomaso, spinning history in our bar in Lavapies. inside the authentic little Traveling Bar, a place that on more than one occasion can defy and remember musical gems like no other place in the city -what a treat and even strange, whilst listening to the song, no-one, absolutely no body was their, it was just the two of us, inside listening, my own personal show from Cole Porter and of course I requested more.

As it stands today on Youtube

I was the 823rd person to have played Cole Porter - I am in Love on Youtube today, since it was published on the Youtube Channel Cole Porter on 8 Nov 2014. I hope the next person to listen to it to it feels the same impact. This version, the way it's sung by Porter is incredible, so much lack of care yet charged with so much.

 The next time you hear Cole Porter

If you're lucky enough, like I was to hear this in a bar, without programming, invite yourself to the best single malt whisky you can, just as I did, the song deserves it and so do you, as this song in random passing is like boarding a train to Willerby.  Next Stop Willerby?

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