We have reached a point —  where it is essential to speak about the continued Russian Scandal.

As the game of thrones like political oust, has demonstrated and Mariano Rajoy is out. This is more than just a minor controversy it´s a national drama. 
While this is explosive and damaging, the major scandal is sprawling and leaking out, as evidence suggests that the Russians have played a hand in the fall of Mariano Rajoy. 
News is still coming in from the boundaries and it's a blurry affair. As ever the Russians are fast to react and defend their case. However this time the cover-up comes in the form of a cover song from the fortified Kremlin.
The Kremlin normally remain silent however the have broken the  constitutional parameters with a Blues lament with strong Russian undertones for Mariano Rajoy. Preceding to pass through several episodes, and themes however is this enough to eliminate the Russians from this new Spanish scandal?  
What is worse the crime or cover-song? Is this a hit or just a red herring? Today the specter of “the Russia scandal” hangs over Spain like a Suzdal quilt. Yet what exactly does this mean? What is the Russia scandal supposed to be? Is it really possible the Russians played a part? 
Probe yourself into this song, and make your own decision about the wrongdoing. Whatever happens Mariano Rajoy will not be coming back and the current game of Thrones continues!! 

Russian Interference Is Here To Stay in Music we can play!
But how bad is it, when they make songs like this?

Consider Russia’s many-sided campaign to disrupt democratic processes all over the globe, in the UK, and the USA, has Spain also felt the wrath?
American intelligence agencies believe Russia wanted Rajoy out, however CIA are investigating the song for clues. Special agencies suspect that Vladimir Putin himself sings on the song, however the voice is slurred and requires further de-coding. 
WikiLeaks — have ran a basic phishing scheme, and will release data soon. 

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