Is it much too late? Should we be praying for time?

Christmas is over, I have my memory locked in now. It's the memory of all my family singing at the top of there range, at my parents home, in my old studio (the den). A moment I can savour.

Now Christmas has passed as sadly have George Micheal and Carrie Fisher, what a terrible year it has been for the stars, dropping like....

So, at home, I dug out  some music I recorded on tapes, music that is over 20 years old now.

The second tape I found had no writing on it, so I put in the only tape player we have in the house, and it just has a loop of George Micheal singing his song - Praying for Time, it's looping over, and over, none stop. Just 90min. of the same loop. Incredible.

That tape has been sat in a draw for 20 years, or more gathering dust, I don't understand why it's got a short section of the song looping, and it's never been erased, it's never even been played, I don't even know how it got here. Incredible timing!!!

Only yesterday I was reading about the Austrian DJ who locked himself in the studio and played Wham's Last Christmas 25 times, time after time on Christmas day.  It's all very V/Vm let me tell you.

Sky's above, say it's much too late, maybe we should all indeed be praying for time.

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