David Bowie - RIP - Gave Us Magic all of his life - A Great Loss for British Music and Progress

It´s the last day of Christmas. Loss after loss, so many of the huge starts are leaving us, and now arrived in other cosmic places.

David Bowie the White Duke now resting, ashes to ashes.

Many and much of all he did, has had and will remain to have - a profund impact for many years to come.

A man with an incredible ability to go beyond, and keep pushing through generations, breaking, exploring and defying with a brilliant flamboyant British deterimation, and endless vision. David was always progresive, his own man, who even at the age of 69 remaind himself, faithful to music.

Doing it as he wanted until the end, a great loss, more than a Hollywood star, we are thankful, to have witnessed our British megastar RIP.


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