[1990] Rhythm Doctor - Phuture

My inspirational DJ friend and creative Scott Hallam just left this comment on his Facebook Page. 
This is such an incredible record - lovingly created by Christopher Long using elements from Phuture - We Are Phuture & Slam, Art of Noise - Love - it really is a masterpiece and in my all time top 3 records.
I first heard this on the 808 State show and was straight down to Eastern Bloc the next day to get it.
1990 was a great year for discovering loads of great clubs, music and I nominate one of my record buying partners in crime from that era Carpdiem Andy Macgregor.

Indeed I was and still am a vinyl junkie, listening to this song till I go to the grave, and when I am 6ft under. Listen to this in honor of potential, creatividad, and endless possibilty. 
This record I confirm helped drive and motivate Scott Hallam, James Leyland Kirby and myself to push the creative enevelope. 
So ahead of our time, as was this record. 
Music shapes the future, and this Phuture is not and never will be over.  

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