[1990] LFO - Brainstorm - Pt 2 [3/3]

Without any doubt, we are living in incredibly turbulent and surprising times. Around every corner lurks something else. Today I have had Birthdays, Record Captures (fish), Weddings and Death. It´s impossible to sort them and prioritize. The death of LFO´s main man Mark Bell is indeed a blow, I remember meeting Mark back stage at here in Madrid, it was a big show, Bjork was also hovering around, since it was her gig, Mark introduced me too Bjork with such a big up, it was hard to take in. I remember his gusto, energy and enthusiasm towards previous works I´d been involved with at V/Vm. He told me that day, he had just been listening to one of our tracks, and encouraged Bjork to do the same, saying something like, ´´this is the guy that made that track I was just playing´´, Bjork was not impressed.

Mark was a great man, fantastic energy, the track above he never made, but I always thought he had. I knew this was our LFO guys that had brought us the LFO Leeds Warehouse track. It´s hard to really express what Mark delivered and the way he ripped the dancefloor to bits.

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Most probably a northern thing being able to move people in such a way. A lot of passion and emotion in it. Mark was the real deal, that´s why Bjork picked up on him. He managed to make brilliant music that made you freak.

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However, the day I met him at Ventas in Madrid, he really made me Freak when he gave me his email. I couldnt believe his email was the name of a song I´d written. Mark, you made me Freak, but I know I also made you too, wish I could have had more contact with you, but your music is with us for always.

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