Bela Tarr, Damnation - song Kész az egész / Over and done

My man James Leyland Kirby just sent me a link to this Hungarian piece from Bela Tarr. When you watch, you have to think about human sensibility, dignity, people real people, it looks like someone is on the edge, thinking about a horrible split and a situation gone.

James, has for long time, been able to position himself into uneasy spots musically. Rest in unrest, the audio here compliments the broke, gone theme, its defiantly finished, as the words go;

´´It's all over, Over, And there won't be another, it won't be good, ever again, Never more, Maybe never more, It's like a nightmare.

Take it or leave it, this is what you're stuck with, what can you do? What would you do, have you been here before?

It won't be good
Ever again
Maybe never more
He's got my soul
Things are going his way
Without him
This world is barren
With him
Life is full and happy
Never again
Maybe never more
It's over
All over
There's no end
No end now
It can't fade
And it won't fade
Ever again
Never maybe
Maybe never more.

The classic Tarr black and white mood and slow intimate movement encapsulate and round off and seal the collapse. Here in the darkness, someone exists and something has ended, its been over for a long time, in the dim smokey spotlight at the back of the club.

It is good, to know that utopia exists!

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