When I discovered Faultline, I jumped on, and was first to release, the best track on our album Welcome To Execrate. That was back in 1998, amazingly, that was 15 years, ago. At that time, I brought this recording to ears of many. Way, before it was released on the Leaf label. At that time, it felt like a whole world of possibilities, this music was standing, so strong, anything then could occur. Since that time, I have lived, many, music, and moments, but this does now, sound, still. Clearly encrusted, and frozen, locked into it´s place. On the other side the possibilities, all that were, have shifted, like grains of sand, they have drifted into a vent, somehow lost. Chances, that got closer, then went! Nice to remind myself of that sometimes, Music is wonderful for re-jogging memory.  

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