OVE-NAX in Madrid

A great friend of mind Germaine just reminded me of my old mate OVE-NAX. So, I thought I would post this.

Quite a few years back I had the pleasure of howling and showing a champion fisherman, showman, DJ and producer Mr Ove-Nax, the mythical grabber dance.
At the time rumors we correct that, I knew the dance well, and that I could teach it. Ove-Nax, knowing something about my colorful background, was straight onto me and asking me to show him and demonstrate ´´Grabber´´, movements....

Within a short time, he had adapted the correct footwork, he was light and fast with good posture. Inspired, I showed him more. After a short time, he was rocking the grabber dance and adding his own gestures, role play and improvisations, much to the amusement of the onlookers at the nightclub.

It has been sometime since I have spoken with him and indeed danced grabber, but with very little language, as my Japanese was and is rusty, we managed to engage in a wonderful cultural exchange of  the dance. It was fascinating to see him adding the Crane and Egret like gestures.

The Grabber Dance, has not seen much light of day in Madrid since, but I understand that Mr Ove-nax took this movement back to old Japan and taught it to fellow collaborators in Japan such as Shitmat, and Co.

Fortunately that evening we didn't sprain any ligaments or do too much damage. Here are some photos of the event. Notice Mr Ove-Nax posture, so relaxed, he was actually walking backwards in this shot!

For those of you not familiar with Ove-nax and his vulgar, extreme, break brilliance, check the link below, inspired by pigs, pirates and the circus, for me this is one of his finest most animated pieces.

A real shocker for some, but it´s just Japanese fun.

Don't take yourself so serious. Remember what Steve Jobs said - ´´Be hungry & Be Foolish´´.



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