Don Quijote Marijuana and The Brujeria

Sometimes things just sit in odd places. Brujeria or Witchcraft rattled this one out sometime ago. It´s an oddity that just has to be heard. The melody is so early Acid House, so much, but then again it´s not, maybe that´s because it came from Mexico, clearly it´s and odd piece, but none the less, it´s impaled with attitude, stupidity and youth. These boys went on to do many a thing in Mexico under other alias, navigating mostly no the extreme metal front. Lyrically and visually stupid, Mexican New Beat, perhaps? A parody and joke, imagine Farley Jackmaster being a metal head and playing guitar and you may get close....
Sitting in a strange place having real stupid, smoke machine, metal acid house fun, coupled with story telling, Don Quijote, and drugs!! Class?

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