Ollie And Jerry - There's No Stopping Us

Hibrid - Hypnotizin (Original Mix)

House Of Venus - Dish & Tell

Oferton, reminds me of Oferton!!!!

The Passions - I'm in Love with a German Film Star

North American Time Capsule 1967

Micachu & The Shapes - Oh Baby

Breathing in Lines

Theevs.- Pain Barrier

Lot´s of fun in this track, playing with the mix, and the sound that fills space. Light spring in your toes bass line, that skips along happy go lucky.

Lychee Cha-chee!!!

Erased Tapes - Kkiasmos - Burnt (edit)

Reminds me of so many things. A lot of Manchester Skam, Autechre and Bola in this for me. Great inspired work, certainly a good track to drive too.


LITA STYLES Angels On Mars [prod. Bobby Earth]

Simple tune, with a classic 808 Roland work out, bass, and come to bed vocal.

Get on it!


Mundo Muzique - Andromeda


Today I have been trying to share some classic Techno music with an up and coming DJ in Madrid. It is quite amazing how, so so many people are making a living from playing music with such poor culture and knowledge. I am not saying that the boy Diego who I am trying to help is at fault, he is not to blame, but looking at the DJ´s who Diego rates, and where he is setting his benchmark, it´s so low. Very poor indeed, what is going on? Did Techno keep moving and move everyone on and out to a place that is whitewashed by commerciality? I hope not.

the KLF, (JAMS) its grim up north

This is not the right version of this track, the version we have is proper. This edit is the commercial version, but my mate Steve the Dr. just reminded me of it. Right now sat in Madrid, I cannot say how grim it is, but I can assume the weather is cold and the ambient vibe is as ever grim.

Kung Fu Man - Master Po.mp4

The Mac Band Roses Are Red

Fallout - The Morning After

Clubland - Let's Get Busy

Ital Rockers - Ital's Anthem

Sweet Exorcist: Testone

Curtis Mayfield Sweet Exorcist LP 1974

Sven Vath - L'Esperanza (Original Album Version)

The Horrorist - One Night In New York City (Uncensored)

Lot´s of Zombies on the streets tonight. This one is for them. A bad track, that Leo Anibaldi might not approve of, but still it´s an imaginative piece.

808 State - Flow Coma

808 State - Flow Coma

Gescom _ Key Nell 3

Jega - Phlax

Tigran Hamasyan & Yerevan State Chamber Choir - Nor Tsaghik (Nerses Shn...

A quiet late night, listening in, and thinking about the last year.

Donato Dozzy - Vaporware 07

Thundercat - 'Them Changes' (Official Video)

American Folk Blues Festivals 1963-1966: The British Tours

Machines In Music – New York’s Modular Synth Fair

Exciting times for the Modular. Amazing how things have moved on and how they just keep moving. Great to see the endless possibilities and rules being brokes with creation of electronic music.

[1990] Rhythm Doctor - Phuture

My inspirational DJ friend and creative Scott Hallam just left this comment on his Facebook Page. 
This is such an incredible record - lovingly created by Christopher Long using elements from Phuture - We Are Phuture & Slam, Art of Noise - Love - it really is a masterpiece and in my all time top 3 records.
I first heard this on the 808 State show and was straight down to Eastern Bloc the next day to get it.
1990 was a great year for discovering loads of great clubs, music and I nominate one of my record buying partners in crime from that era Carpdiem Andy Macgregor.

Indeed I was and still am a vinyl junkie, listening to this song till I go to the grave, and when I am 6ft under. Listen to this in honor of potential, creatividad, and endless possibilty. 
This record I confirm helped drive and motivate Scott Hallam, James Leyland Kirby and myself to push the creative enevelope. 
So ahead of our time, as was this record. 
Music shapes the future, and this Phuture is not and never will be over.  

Fran├žois de Roubaix - Anthologie 1

Monday morning, and getting some vintage electronics on with the above. Sounds amazing right now here on a dark day in Madrid. Electronics lighting up the house.

Synd og Skam feat. Patrick - Tjener alt

Something is going on here, Synd of Skam are breaking the rules, and pushing the envelope around, nicely screwed up, play, pause, rewind, and investigate.

Richie Hawtin drops a MINUS classic you've probably never heard before!!

It´s great to see Richie Hawtin play a big hands in the air cheesy classic.

Just look at Richies face here, he is loving it. We believe as many do, that he is showing his true color here. In a recent interview Richie Hawtin talked about how he finally wanted to take a big risk and that after being a techno producer it was time to play some of his favourite tracks and show the world what he listens too at home.

Barbie Girl and Richie Hawtin go together like strawberrys and cream. Mixmag said they have never seen Richie Hawtin look so happy when he dropped a record, and looking at his reaction above, it seems clear that he was having the time of his life.

The 90´s Boiler Room boys, really done a great job of capturing this epic dance floor moment, we hope this goes down in history. You can watch more DJ´s doing the same and following Richie Hawtins new method breaking cheesy 90´s anthems on the official 90´s Boiler Room Youtube page. Just follow the link above.

STEVIE WONDER. "Another Star". 1976. full track disc "Songs in the Key o...

Timeless music that is today as good as it was when made. From an album that has a hold over me!

Have a good Monday.

Burt Bacharach - Something Big

Are you living for something big? I always was, and I still am. Now I want it more than ever.

Stina Nordenstam - I See You Again.

Another track from the very same tape I have been listening too all day. Another misty track, washed under the waves, and given very little light. Gems, gems, gold, and memory, locked into a 90min tape.

(((IEMN))) John Beltran - Sub-Surface - R&S Records 1995 - Ambient

Listening to some mix tapes from as far back as 1996, this track came on, Incredible that I was playing this so long ago, and still here on Youtube it only has 67 views. An underscovered Cafe Del Mar gem, that never made it to Ibiza, nor to anyones ears. Shame, a lost gem.

Vikki Carr - The Silencers

Oh a gun can be a .22

Or a .38 and it will silence you

Dear sir, that is a silencer

But if you should see a lady

Who has the kind of waist that measures 22

And she's 38 where it is great to measure 38

Dear sir, she is a silencer

Dear sir, I'm her

I don't use a knife, don't need a gun

My equipment is a lot more deadly, son

Dear sir, I am a silencer

And if you're a man not made of wood

When I flip my hips, I'll quiet you for good

Let me brush your lips and crush your lips

and nicely hush your lips

Dear sir, I am a silencer

Dear sir, don't stir, don't move, relax

Loosen your tie

Turn out the light

Take of your shoes

Don't fight

Lean back

Relax, relax, relax, relax, relax

Dear Sir!

FKA twigs - M3LL155X

Kuedo: Ascension Phase Planet Mu