Class Action - Weekend

Joyce Sims - (You Are My) All And All

Doing research and just reminded myself about how amazing this song was, it's never played, but for those old school kids from back in the day, you know the deal with this one. Grrh. Standing Tall.

Aphex Twin - CIRKLON3 [ Колхозная mix ] - Listen here, Ryan Wyer Video.

Enjoying the new Cheeta EP by Apex Twin, out next week July 8th 2016. Pretty awesome video here too by a young video creator, and Youtube Game player. Apparently Richard James has selected this young Dublin resident  to make the video. I am sure Richard is delighted with the outcome. 

I´d imagine Ryan Wyer and the Wyer family over in Ireland will be happy with the traffic the video will receive. 

Here you can listen to Apex Twin Cirklon 3 (????????? Mix)’ has the boy been hypnotised
by Satan?

Road Of The Gypsies Disc 1 - 'Nana del Caballo Grande' by El Camaron de ...

Been living in Spain for 11 years and some. Currently doing research into Flamenco for a client. I cannot believe no-one has ever presented me with this masterpiece. What an incredible fusion.