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Ryan Paris - La Dolce Vita (Dolce Modificare) TOTP 1983

4:17 AM

I feel like I can step inside this modified version. The audio is so close, I am at home, it´s the weekend, sun is shining in the window, and Ryan is bathing me as he always did, with the best in 80´s audio, I am splashed with sunshine. 

Listening to Ryan Paris is like digging out my old Lamborghini Countach.

 It sounds so fresh and at the same time absolutely 80´s retro bright, Ryan like the car a best friend, and one that has shared so many emotional moments and times. Beam some sunshine into your heart by employing Ryan Paris and this super version. A classic ride. Thanks for the tip James. 

We're walking like in a Dolce Vita This time we've got it right We're living like in a Dolce ...

Compton White - Track 2

3:34 AM

Reminds me of so many things. Spanning the Boards of Canada, early Daft Punk, Super Tramp, and back around spilling all over and into itself. The beat is addictive, melody playful. I will be keeping a wee eye out for Compton White.

Albion - Pyramids

3:09 PM

You got me burning like fire. Let´s go to Egypt and do it on the pyramid, let´s goto Egypt and do, do do it on the pyramid.

Great work out here. Transporting us to a place. You got me yearning for your body, as greedy as a Crocodile.

Ffiper - Mechti

2:24 AM
I am loving the fact I have no idea what Ffiper are saying here, it´s all just underwater, reversed and delightfully lost.

Catchy tune for sure, bass line works, as does all the composition. Check their Control.

Beck - Wow (Lyric Video)

3:04 AM

Goto Give it to my Man like Beck, he has always had the skills to knock out a catch tune, and once again he rides like cowboy into the cherrypop sunset on this poptastic little ditty. WOW!!


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