The Best Carpe Diem Poems

Life is Fine

This life is fine
The world is mine
Though I can’t stop
The hands of time

The birds all sing
And flowers bloom
The sun still shines
And chases gloom

And I can view
The sparkling sea
And all the stars
Just dance with me

The clouds, they hide
And I must seek
The creatures small
At me, they peek

The grass is cool
Beneath my feet
The water dew
Now wets my cheek

I have true friends
A family
And hope of an 

A place where I
Will not fear death
Where all is sweet
Upon my breath

Where tears will cease
to touch my face
And I am blessed
By Heaven’s Grace

My life is fine
The world is mine
This is my time
To truly shine

Eileen Manassian

Bobbie Gentry - Reunion

I told ya mama didnt raise no fool, I can do anything if I got the right tool.

Buddy & Ella Johnson I Dont Want Nobody To Have My Love But You

Buddy Johnson vocal Ella Johnson Hittin' On Me 1953

VINTAGE BALLROOM - Centro Gallego hoy y Cada Martes!

Martes 19 de enero, 22:00 – Miércules 20 de enero, 01:00 Your invited to dance at the Madrid Vintage Club: Centro Gallego de Madrid, Calle de Carretas, 14, 28012 Madrid, Madrid, España Madrid Vintage Club te invita a bailar cada martes en el Gallego Vintage Ballroom!! Horario: 22:00-1:00 Time to dance 22 : 00 - 1:00 The Centro Gallego is a small unique venue a little hidden in the heart of Madrid. El Centro Gallego es un espacio único y un poco escondido en el corazón de Madrid. It has a fantastic little salon which the local swing, lindy and vintage scene adore, it has a delicious dance floor to slide on! Tiene un salón fantastico que estamos totalmente enamorados, con una pista de baile deliciosa en el tercer piso! (Suelo de baldosa) The space has a vintage soul and our Wild Vintage Parties are held here once a month. Éste espacio con alma vintage nos encanta y además de nuestras Wild Vintage Parties una vez al mes, hemos decidido compartirlo cada martes para ir a bailar y seguir disfrutando de la música!
To get inside, all you need to do is arrive at portal no.14 on calle Carretas (just left of the shop called Tiger) go inside the dorr and up in the lifr to the 3rd floor. Para encontrarlo, solo tienes que llegar al portal 14 de la calle Carretas (justo a la izquierda de la tienda Tiger) y subir a la tercera planta. Every Tuesday at approx 22hr till 1am, you will find we have brought the best floor breakers of the times to have fun and discover the magnificent legend of vintage music!!! Cada martes de 22:00 aprox. hasta la 1:00h traeremos los mejores rompepistas de todos los tiempos, para disfrutar, descubrir y participar del magnífico legado musical vintage que tenemos!! Sharpening the floors!!!! Afilando suelas!! Dj. Crazy Shoes - Madrid Vintage Club - PhotoVintage Studios Dj. Jimmy Mack Jr. For more info about the Vintage Swing, Lindy scene in Madrid try MadforSwing

Shufflin & Rollin' - Buddy Johnson - Hoy en el Centro Gallego Madrid - Con DJ Jimmy Mack Jr.

Avery Parrish(piano)-Jazz After Hours-Orch Erskine Hawkins

A most long and sad day. It was a day of work, but not of great progress. The energy in the world was off, I could feel it.

It´s almost 3am, and I started this morning at 7.45, that is what you call a full day at it, At least, I didnt sit in traffic. Ending now the night, with possibly the best kind of music for a day like this one. The great man Erskine Hawkins, after digging about I manged to get some info on him!!!

1989 Inductee
Lifework Award for Performing Achievement

Composer and trumpet player Erskine Hawkins drew on memories of a neighborhood nightspot for his classic big band standard "Tuxedo Junction", a jazzy number that became the most popular song of the World War II era.

Hawkins was born in Birmingham in 1914, the son of a U.S. soldier who lost his life in military action during the first world war. The young musician began playing drums at the age of 7, moved on to the trombone, then decided at the age of 13 to channel his musical energies into playing trumpet.

While attending the State Teachers College in Montgomery, Hawkins became leader of a band called the Bama State Collegians. The group traveled to New York City during the depression and generated funds used to help keep the institution afloat during its hard times. The band drew a strong public following, especially at the posh Savoy Ballroom.

During the 40s and 50s, Hawkins helped discover several first-rate jazz musicians who drifted in and out of his band, including Paul and Wilbur Bascomb, Sammy Lowe, Haywood Henry and Avery Parrish. He also became on of the principal influences on a young rhythm and blues piano player named Ray Charles.

Hawkins was born in Birmingham in 1914, the son of a U.S. soldier who lost his life in military action during the first world war. A talented high-note trumpeter and a popular bandleader, Erskine Hawkins was nicknamed "The 20th Century Gabriel." He learned drums and trombone before switching to trumpet when he was 13. While attending the Alabama State Teachers College, he became the leader of the college band, the 'Bama Street Collegians. They went to New York in 1934, became the Erskine Hawkins Orchestra, started making records in 1936 and by 1938 were quite successful. With Hawkins and Dud Bascomb sharing the trumpet solos, Paul Bascomb or Julian Dash heard on tenors, Haywood Henry on baritone and pianist Avery Parrish, this was a solidly swinging band that delighted dancers and jazz fans alike. Hawkins had three major hits ("Tuxedo Junction," "After Hours" and "Tippin' In") and was able to keep the big band together all the way until 1953; some of their later sessions were more R&B-oriented yet never without jazz interest. Hawkins led a smaller unit during his last few decades (the survivors of the big band had a recorded reunion in 1971) and the trumpeter kept on working into the 1980s. -- Scott Yanow

Chart Songs as a Songwriter

Song TitleRecording ArtistChart*Year
Tuxedo JunctionGlenn Miller Band11940
Tuxedo JunctionErskine Hawkins Orchestra71940
Tuxedo JunctionJan Savitt151940
Gabriel's HeaterErskine Hawkins281948
*Chart position is based on Billboard Magazine Pop, Country, R&B, & A/C Charts. Other music industry charts may have shown higher chart positions.

Erskine Hawkins - No use squawkin'

Froh Sounz - Arte Sano (Music Video)

My man Froh Sounz from Madrid, has put this cut up video online, the video gives you a sneak preview into his collection. You can find the man as DJ in El Perro Club Madrid from time to time. It´s the place to be, and has been for almost 10 years now. If you pass Madrid, you must hit the dog.

Yusef Lateef - Nubian Lady

Count Basie - Every Tub

"Polka Dots and Moonbeams" Frankie Masters & His Orchestra (Johnny Burke...

David Bowie - RIP - Gave Us Magic all of his life - A Great Loss for British Music and Progress

It´s the last day of Christmas. Loss after loss, so many of the huge starts are leaving us, and now arrived in other cosmic places.

David Bowie the White Duke now resting, ashes to ashes.

Many and much of all he did, has had and will remain to have - a profund impact for many years to come.

A man with an incredible ability to go beyond, and keep pushing through generations, breaking, exploring and defying with a brilliant flamboyant British deterimation, and endless vision. David was always progresive, his own man, who even at the age of 69 remaind himself, faithful to music.

Doing it as he wanted until the end, a great loss, more than a Hollywood star, we are thankful, to have witnessed our British megastar RIP.

That's Life [from Sinatra A Man And His Music Part II]

Changing the Tune, this song must be played at my funeral.

Do this for me, and if you can, hand out the lyrics, and ask all involved to sing itwith all their heart.

I have been a puppet, a pirate a pauper......I´ve been up and over out, and I know one thing, each time I find myself flat on my face, I PICK myself up, and get back in the race.

That´s life........

ភ្លេចបងមិនបាន Without You - Poev Vannary

It's Too Late (Khmer Version) by Pov Vannary (ហួសហើយបង)

Ollie And Jerry - There's No Stopping Us

Hibrid - Hypnotizin (Original Mix)

House Of Venus - Dish & Tell

Oferton, reminds me of Oferton!!!!

The Passions - I'm in Love with a German Film Star

North American Time Capsule 1967

Micachu & The Shapes - Oh Baby

Breathing in Lines

Theevs.- Pain Barrier

Lot´s of fun in this track, playing with the mix, and the sound that fills space. Light spring in your toes bass line, that skips along happy go lucky.

Lychee Cha-chee!!!

Erased Tapes - Kkiasmos - Burnt (edit)

Reminds me of so many things. A lot of Manchester Skam, Autechre and Bola in this for me. Great inspired work, certainly a good track to drive too.


LITA STYLES Angels On Mars [prod. Bobby Earth]

Simple tune, with a classic 808 Roland work out, bass, and come to bed vocal.

Get on it!

Mundo Muzique - Andromeda


Today I have been trying to share some classic Techno music with an up and coming DJ in Madrid. It is quite amazing how, so so many people are making a living from playing music with such poor culture and knowledge. I am not saying that the boy Diego who I am trying to help is at fault, he is not to blame, but looking at the DJ´s who Diego rates, and where he is setting his benchmark, it´s so low. Very poor indeed, what is going on? Did Techno keep moving and move everyone on and out to a place that is whitewashed by commerciality? I hope not.

the KLF, (JAMS) its grim up north

This is not the right version of this track, the version we have is proper. This edit is the commercial version, but my mate Steve the Dr. just reminded me of it. Right now sat in Madrid, I cannot say how grim it is, but I can assume the weather is cold and the ambient vibe is as ever grim.

Kung Fu Man - Master Po.mp4

The Mac Band Roses Are Red

Fallout - The Morning After

Clubland - Let's Get Busy

Ital Rockers - Ital's Anthem

Sweet Exorcist: Testone

Curtis Mayfield Sweet Exorcist LP 1974

Sven Vath - L'Esperanza (Original Album Version)

The Horrorist - One Night In New York City (Uncensored)

Lot´s of Zombies on the streets tonight. This one is for them. A bad track, that Leo Anibaldi might not approve of, but still it´s an imaginative piece.

808 State - Flow Coma

808 State - Flow Coma

Gescom _ Key Nell 3

Jega - Phlax

Tigran Hamasyan & Yerevan State Chamber Choir - Nor Tsaghik (Nerses Shn...

A quiet late night, listening in, and thinking about the last year.

Donato Dozzy - Vaporware 07

Thundercat - 'Them Changes' (Official Video)

American Folk Blues Festivals 1963-1966: The British Tours

Machines In Music – New York’s Modular Synth Fair

Exciting times for the Modular. Amazing how things have moved on and how they just keep moving. Great to see the endless possibilities and rules being brokes with creation of electronic music.

[1990] Rhythm Doctor - Phuture

My inspirational DJ friend and creative Scott Hallam just left this comment on his Facebook Page. 
This is such an incredible record - lovingly created by Christopher Long using elements from Phuture - We Are Phuture & Slam, Art of Noise - Love - it really is a masterpiece and in my all time top 3 records.
I first heard this on the 808 State show and was straight down to Eastern Bloc the next day to get it.
1990 was a great year for discovering loads of great clubs, music and I nominate one of my record buying partners in crime from that era Carpdiem Andy Macgregor.

Indeed I was and still am a vinyl junkie, listening to this song till I go to the grave, and when I am 6ft under. Listen to this in honor of potential, creatividad, and endless possibilty. 
This record I confirm helped drive and motivate Scott Hallam, James Leyland Kirby and myself to push the creative enevelope. 
So ahead of our time, as was this record. 
Music shapes the future, and this Phuture is not and never will be over.