Frank De Wulf - The heat of the moment (1990)

Hang on to it, just 20 views on Youtube today this song has, almost 20 years have passed and at least 12 since I last heard this, a certain Mr Acid reminding me of this today. I was hoping to squeeze, and do as Frank does here in San Sebastian this weekend, but the camino has taken me physically to another place. Hanging on to it. !!

Fish Heads - Barnes and Barnes (1979)

It's impossible to imagine the effect this would have had in the market back in the day. Just reading comments on Youtube makes me wonder. Puzzled at how it's taken me so long to not actually see this. Amazing!

Barbarella-Barbarella(The Irresistible Force Mix)

So inspired by this music, such a long time ago. Amazing to see that now a day such tracks, with massive impact on us, lost in the mists of time. Submerge in this one, and take it easy.

Kwabs - Wrong or Right (Official Video) - Something Special here, indeed, this man will be seeing light 2014.

Frankie Knuckles - Tears

Real sad to wake up this morning and hear about Frankie Knuckles, in honor of the great man, for his inspiration and moving House Music, I played and listened in absolute silence to Your Love and Tears.  I have met many legends in my time, and spoken with inspirational creators, I never met Frankie, but his music met me! R.I.P.

....and later this day, I was checking into Frankie, and spent all or as much of the day listening to his mix´s and music. I was amazed to find no lyrics for his sexual classic - Baby Wants to Ride, so here in rememberance of Frankie Knuckles, you have the lyrics.....It´s the least I can do, on this day, for someone who had such an impact on me as a youngster. .

Frankie Knuckles, - Baby Wants to Ride, (Original Club Mix) 8.37
Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the lord my soul to keep
and if I die before I wake
I pray the lord my soul to take.
Jamie it´s time to tell my people the truth.
It´s time to tell them the revelation of my second coming
have them understand, relate?
Now ride me baby.
I love you,
Baby wants to ride, so high
Baby want to ride
Baby wants to ride so high
Baby want to ride - for love, here we go
Baby wants to ride
Oh, For love
She took me to the sky, for love
oh how she took me,
For love
Stripped me down and watch me
For love, she made me scream,
Deep for love
Baby rides - for love
She brought me to my knees,
Oh for love
Made me beg please, oh for love
Baby' Oh.
Baby rides for love,
Remembering the yesterdays of us we spent together
Visions of you and me in my mind,
Oh how our body’s intertwined with each other,
We made so many positions, some I cannot even find in a book you know?
Baby rides for love,
Ooh, make me scream baby, please
You know the way I felt, when you undressed,
and when you put your hand on my arh em,
you know what I´m talking about baby, dig.
So baby you make me feel,
There´s no more time, get nasty babe.
Oh, ohhh,
Get love
Feel alight.
When I go to bed at night, I think of you with all my might,
Oh the things we did together,
You know, if they put my thoughts in a book
It would really be X rated, baby - for you.
Baby rides for love,
Now ride me baby.
Baby, Baby, Babi,
It´s big it´s small,
You know what turns you on,
Ride me baby, ride, ride me long
Oh baby,
I wanna fuck you, Hoo, all night long,
Friends relate to the message at hand,
Prepare for the revelation 7, the final conflict.
I love you yes, I do.
I believe, I believe, I believe
Do you believe?
I believe, I believe, I believe
To them who understand,
Let them hear the words I speak,
Prepare for the second revelation,
the final conflict, it´s near,
Ride me baby.
I love you,
I do,
I just get confused by the things that I do.
Baby, I am so complexed,
Oh, Oh, I´m a bitch
See the future,

South Africa, let my people go,
South Africa, let my people go,
Remember Ethiopia, feed the poor,
I love you, baby.
Here we go,
Na na, na na, naa, naaa, you car´nt hurt me.
Na na, na na, naa, naaa, you car´nt hurt me.
Jesse, I hate thieves.
No more,
Clap your hands,
Hope this bullshit lands,
I thought we loved each other here,
Seems to be a lie,
Arn´t you free?
Do you believe?
I believe sometimes,
Then why do we fight, why do we hate?
I don’t know,
Ride me,
Wake up
See the light
Ask your president.
Rh-me wants to ride me, because he thinks he´s king.
But it´s hard to ride baby when you living in a fascist dream
You say it,
Rh-me wants to ride me, because he thinks he´s king.
But it´s hard to ride baby when you living in a fascist dream
Make love, don’t fight,I wanna fuck tonight
Make love dont fight, I wanna save a life,
Make love, don’t fight,I wannt fuck tonight
We don’t want the draft,
We don’t want to lose our lives,
Say it!
Erh, I´m not dying over any bullshit
No Way,
Why don’t you come over here and groove with me?
Ride me, oh, I love you,
I love you,
Baby, oh baby,
Oh, Come here baby, oh, oh, oh, please,
Please, I love you,
I´m not a bitch.
Is this the end, never!

Andrew Read & Anthony Child - Guitar Treatment Pt. 7

Feels like a long time ago, listening to this, and thinking about the time when this record was sent to me, as I was sharing vinyl and had my music on one side. Always a strong release, a timeless cracker, time keeps on moving, as we always knew, my time don't stick, but the music we made and shared back then, was sometimes sticky!

Quelle Chris - Ghost At The Finish Line (Official Video)

Great visuals and use of light here, the tune, reminds me of my school days listening to ICE T´s Power with a certain Mr Doyle, early production!!                                                            

Jabu - Move in Circles & You&I (Kahn Remix)

Aardvarck - 1990

Sounding incredibly retro, lush pads not distant (in melody) to Octave One - I believe. Loving the full sythn and percussoin, reminding me of how good they were back in 1990, almost an R&S classic.  Great work. 

James Leyland Kirby on Apollo Records - Soon

Nice to start the new year in a new space. My sparing partner James Leyland Kirby is doing just so, by spreading audio light, onto the Apollo Record Label, the quieter sister label of R & S Records.

It´s impossible to say, how important both these labels were to us at V/Vm Test Records back in the day, the influence of those advanced Belgium classics, and our man Acid Alan drove, drives and has driven, deep into our Mancunian souls.

Wonderful news, at the start of the year, completing a voyage that started a long time ago.

Keep an eye out for the release and follow the link for more!!