The Blackout and decapitation of The Internet.


Pita - Get Out

Django Reinhardt - Aquarela do Brasil

Brazil - Geoff Muldaur

Paul Lansky - Um

Tain't What You Do - Jimmy Lunceford

Shockingly bad service from blogger

Gillian Welch - Paper Wings

DUB SEX - 'Instead Of Flowers' - 1988

Dubsex- Kristallnacht - Long lost long forgot, but part of the past M´cr!!!

The Last Poets: Mean Machine

Farley Funkin Keith - Pump-N The Bass - Its amazing to think that this was made almost 30 years ago, so ahead, and impossible for new ears to appreciate, impact.

Something Dark happening in Rome, whilst St Malachy prophecy comes to mind.

No_Artist (No_Title) Melt001

Take the hits, It´s all about Rocky this year!!!

Fredrik - Viskra

The Bad Plus - Smells Like Teen Spirit - Very cool, on first listen, good work!

Kraftwerk - Elektro Kardiogramm, Back on it, dont let the fuckers grind you...x